1 septembrie: Cri, cri, cri… Toamna gri – Stiri interne

Blue Air începe programul de iarnă fără patru dintre aeronavele pe care le folosea în leasing operational. Compania îsi restrânge flota din cauza crizei economice, care i-a afectat activitatea. Antena3

IKEA a cumpărat platforma Timpuri Noi din Bucureşti (VIDEO) Antena3

Breviar politic: Astazi (n.n. ieri 31 august) s-a intamplat… nimic (fragment Mircea Badea) Videonews

Deputatul PDL Mircea Giurgiu îi cere ministrul de Finanţe, Sebastian Vlădescu, să prezinte un raport referitor la banii colectaţi timp de o lună din reducerea salariilor din sectorul bugetar cu 25%. Antena3
Si eu vreau sa vad cifrele! zisei eu inainte sa realizez ca e… foc de paie in tigaie (motiv de aparent scandal)

Reintrarea în câmpul muncii nu este stimulată suficient, astfel că un şomer care revine în piaţa muncii ar câştiga numai 30% în plus faţă de ajutorul social, se arată într-un raport elaborat de Blocul Naţional Sindical (BNS) printr-un proiect cofinanţat din Fondul Social European. Money.ro

Minority Report (Philip K. Dick) versiunea Romanian Minority Report (Bogdan Aurescu)

GLOBAL DISASTER 2010 – World Eco-Crises

2010 is a year of ecological disasters for our planet. Flooding, drought, heatwave, wildfire and oil spill pose a direct threat to human existance. Faced with enormous losses of lives and property, people are not helpless. When disaster strikes, help comes from all sides. They wipe away tears and begin to rebuild their homes on the ruins. Life goes on

Editor’s Note CCTV-CNTV (China Network Television)

Mideast peace talks preview

The US is relaunching Israeli-Palestinian talks this week, the third push over the past decade to solve one of the world’s most intractable conflicts.
Both Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Palestinian Liberation Organization Mission, to the US commented on the peace prospects Monday, three days before negotiations begin in Washington (video)
CCTV-CNTV (China Network Television)

Un alt cretinoid/nemernic – Gaddafi: “Islamul trebuie să devină religia întregii Europe”

Declaraţia a fost făcută în faţa a aproximativ 500 de tinere strânse la Roma, unde liderul libian Muammar Gaddafi se află în vizită oficială. RealitateaTV
Declaraţia lui Muammar Gaddafi a stârnit controverse în Peninsulă şi ţine prima pagină a ziarelor italiene. Mai mult, tinerele care au asistat la discurs au primit la final exemplare ale Coranului.
Întreaga vizită a lui Gaddafi în Italia este una controversată. Liderul libian a adus cu el la Roma 30 de cai pur-sânge pentru o paradă la care va asista şi premierul Silvio Berlusconi.
Muammar Gaddafi se află în vizită oficială în Italia cu ocazia împlinirii a doi ani de la semnarea Tratatului de prietenie dintre cele două ţări.

See also: Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi1
(Arabic: معمر القذافي‎ phonetic Mu‘ammar al-Qaḏḏāfī;
also known simply as Colonel Gaddafi; born 7 June 1942)
has been the leader of Libya since a coup in 1969 – Biography

In March 2004, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Tony Blair became one of the first Western leaders in decades to visit Libya and publicly meet Gaddafi. Blair praised Gaddafi’s recent acts, and stated that he hoped Libya could now be a strong ally in the international War on Terrorism. In the run-up to Blair’s visit, the British ambassador in Tripoli, Anthony Layden, explained Libya’s and Gaddafi’s political change thus:

“35 years of total state control of the economy has left them in a situation where they’re simply not generating enough economic activity to give employment to the young people who are streaming through their successful education system. I think this dilemma goes to the heart of Colonel Gaddafi’s decision that he needed a radical change of direction.”[42]
On 15 May 2006, the US State Department announced that it would restore full diplomatic relations with Libya, once Gaddafi declared he was abandoning Libya’s weapons of mass destruction program. The State Department also said that Libya would be removed from the list of nations supporting terrorism.[43] On 31 August 2006, however, Gaddafi openly called upon his supporters to “kill enemies” who asked for political change.[44]

In July 2007, French president Nicolas Sarkozy visited Libya and signed a number of bilateral and multilateral (EU) agreements with Gaddafi.[45]

On 4 March 2008 Gaddafi announced his intention to dissolve the country’s existing administrative structure and disburse oil revenue directly to the people. The plan includes abolishing all ministries, except those of defence, internal security, and foreign affairs, and departments implementing strategic projects.[46]

In September 2008, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice visited Libya and met with Gaddafi as part of a North African tour. This was the first visit to Libya by a US Secretary of State since 1953.[47]

In January 2009, Gaddafi contributed an editorial to the New York Times, suggesting that he was in favor of a single-state solution to the Israeli and Palestinian conflicts that moved beyond old conflicts and looked to a unified future of shared culture and mutual respect.[48]

Cooperation with Italy
On 30 August 2008, Gaddafi and Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi signed a historic cooperation treaty in Benghazi.[49][50][51]
Under its terms, Italy will pay $5 billion to Libya as compensation for its former military occupation. In exchange, Libya will take measures to combat illegal immigration coming from its shores and boost investments in Italian companies.[50][52]
The treaty was ratified by Italy in 6 February 2009,[49] and by Libya on 2 March, during a visit to Tripoli by Berlusconi.[50][53] In June Gaddafi made his first visit to Rome, where he met Prime Minister Berlusconi, President Giorgio Napolitano and Senate President Renato Schifani; Chamber President Gianfranco Fini cancelled the meeting because of Gaddafi’s delay.[50] The Democratic Party and Italy of Values opposed the visit,[54][55] and many protests were staged throughout Italy by human rights organizations and the Radical Party.[56] Gaddafi also took part in the G8 summit in L’Aquila in July as Chairman of the African Union.[50] During the summit a handshake between US President Barack Obama and Muammar Gaddafi took place (the first time the Libyan leader has been greeted by a serving US president),[57] then at summit’s official dinner offered by President Giorgio Napolitano US and Libyan leaders upset the ceremony and sat by the Italian Prime Minister and G8 host, Silvio Berlusconi. (According to ceremony, Gaddafi should seat three places after Berlusconi).[58][59][60][61][62] During a two-day visit to Italy in August 2010 Gaddafi upset his hosts by stating that Europe should convert to Islam. It was during a lecture in front of 200 young women whom Gaddafi had paid a modeling agency to attend that he urged the women to convert to Islam and according to one of them said, “Islam should become the religion of all of Europe.” Each of the women was given a copy of the Qur’an and allegedly three of them converted on the spot. Gaddafi also said that Christianity was unimportant.[63]

Al-Gaddafi International Prize for Human Rights 🙂

as opposed to

Charles Taylor (Liberia)
(“Blood Diamonds” Hague Trial, where he stands an 11 count indictment for war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during the conflict in Sierra Leone)
1985-1988 managed to flee the United States and shortly thereafter

it is assumed that he went to Libya, where he underwent guerrilla training under Muammar al-Gaddafi, becoming Gaddafi’s protegé

Colonelul Mouammar Gaddafi a cerut marti (azi) Uniunii Europene sa deblocheze anual cinci miliarde de euro pentru a stopa imigratia clandestina din Africa “neagra”, anunta cotidianul anglofon A Sharq Al-Awsat, preluat de RIA Novosti. Hotnews

Useful – About Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are a vector agent that carries disease-causing viruses and parasites from person to person without catching the disease themselves

The principal mosquito borne diseases are the viral diseases yellow fever, dengue fever and Chikungunya, transmitted mostly by the Aedes aegypti, and malaria carried by the genus Anopheles. Though originally a public health concern, HIV is now thought to be almost impossible for mosquitoes to transmit.[37]

Mosquitoes are estimated to transmit disease to more than 700 million people annually in Africa, South America, Central America, Mexico and much of Asia with millions of resulting deaths. At least 2 million people annually die of these diseases.

Methods used to prevent the spread of disease, or to protect individuals in areas where disease is endemic include Vector control aimed at mosquito eradication, disease prevention, using prophylactic drugs and developing vaccines and prevention of mosquito bites, with insecticides, nets and repellents. Since most such diseases are carried by “elderly” females, scientists have suggested focusing on these to avoid the evolution of resistance.[38]

West Nile virus


Guvern – sedinta din 30.08.2010 ora 15: Solutia inteligenta

Nota: Legea 118/2010 se mai numeste… “Legile Austeritatii” 🙂
si, prin modificarile de azi (sub somatia Comisiei Europene), vor sa corecteze eroarea micsorarii salariilor celor de la BNR cu 25%

In acest moment Guvernul se afla in sedinta – Ordinea de zi (click)

Si totusi, guvernul ma surpinde prin solutia perspicace gasita: veniturile celor din BNR raman (asemenea celorlalti bugetari) micsorate cu 25%, insa fondurile nu mai merg la consolidarea bugetului ci… la rezerva BNR (ca profit BNR, din care isi ia si Bugetul Statului partea, ca impozit).
Scurt: UE lasa-ne in dileala noastra, la principiile voastre noi avem artificiile noastre (romanul fiind celebru prin improvizatii). Solutia poarta (in viziunea mea) o puternica amprenta Isarescu (a se citi din paginile anterioare si “pariul cu Adrian Vasilescu”).

1 subiect – 2 nelamuriri

UPDATE (ora 14:50): Tribunalul Bucuresti a respins, luni, recursul asistentei Florentina Cirstea, de la Maternitatea Giulesti, in dosarul in care aceasta a fost arestata preventiv pentru ucidere din culpa si vatamare corporala grava din culpa, anunta Agerpres. Decizia este definitiva. Scris CU PICIOARELE: Hotnews

1. Cata cultura juridica are dra Alina Neagu? Parerea mea e ca n-are aproape deloc, pe cale de consecinta n-ar mai trebui trimisa la instante ca face “firma” de ras. Se leaga numai de aspecte irelevante ale sedintei, ESENTA e ignorata.
2. UNDE ESTE PERICOLUL SOCIAL CARE IMPUNEA MENTINEREA IN AREST PENTRU 29 ZILE? Astept MOTIVAREA ambelor instante (Judecatoria Sector 6 si Tribunalul)

Chiar nu e nimeni in stare in stare sa citeasca din Codul de Procedura Penala art.146 rap.la art.143 si 148?
Fiti profesionisti, ce mama naibii!