Iulian Urban si teoria conspiratiei – NOT funny, guys!

Publicat pe blogul lui Iulian Urban la 4 Dec 2009, in pline alegeri
(cu 2 zile inainte ca Baselu sa re-castige la mustata presedintia tarii).

Zice el acolo:

“O sa va invit sa urmariti o discutie purtata de mine cu un bancher, pe tema scenariului pentru 2010, si o sa va las sa trageti concluziile. Nu conteaza banca unde lucreaza acest om, ci pur si simplu, strategia ampla, pusa la cale peste capetele noastre”

Around the EU Summit in Brussels (28th-29th of October)

A snapshot of the current historical decisions: EU is changing, maybe not to our liking!

TIMELINE (in 4 news):

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel and France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy
have upset many of their partners with a call for EU treaty changes

to enforce fiscal discipline (video)

[Particularly alarming to some is Berlin’s demand
to make it possible to suspend the voting rights of states
which seriously violate key principles.]
Euronews, 27/10/2010

Interview with Herman Van Rompuy (video)
President of the European Council
Euronews, 27/10/2010

EU summit raises temperatures, as Germany and France have set out
to ‘re-tune’ the European Union’s Lisbon Treaty (video)

Euronews, 28/10/2010

EU summit backs German-French call for treaty change (video)
[Germany has got what it wants: On the second day of their summit,
the 27 EU leaders have already agreed in principle to back calls by Berlin and Paris to amend the Lisbon Treaty.]
Euronews, 29/10/2010

A paradox: Poverty is expensive!

Great ideas by a great mind:
(strongly recommended interview 7:30 mins)
Economist Jeffrey Sachs warns of high price of ignoring poverty (video)

Jeffrey Sachs heads the Earth Institute at New York’s Columbia University. Named one of the World’s 100 Most Influential People by Time magazine, Sachs is also Special Advisor to the UN Secretary General on the Millennium Development Goals or MDGs.
Euronews, 11/10/2010