Why the title… So called “Blog”?

Cause it’s not A Blog per se, the least valuable from this site is what I say and think.
HERE you can find WEAPONS, true sharp weapons.

KNOWLEDGE is known to be the most valuable weapon in this World…

Why WEAPONS? It’s easy: If one desire PEACE, he should prepare himself for WAR… (Monk Arsenie Papacioc, 96 yrs old, Techirghiol Monastery)

This is a SPIRITUAL war, in this world as we know it. Nothing more.



Origini (pdf)

Romania Logo Funny

False predictions

A3 comentarii 17-aug-2010 Tragedie Giulesti

Proiect social anti-criza

Base TVR 4-aug-2010 “Cea mai mare libertate castigata e aceea de a pleca unde ne este mai bine” (bis si apasat) – comentarii

Colectia Initieri – Biblioteca Rudolf Steiner

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